Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the PDR process damage my paint finish?
A: In most cases the answer is no, but there are instances where previous repairs or paintwork fail during the process.Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I see the repair once it is fixed?
A: No you will not be able to see the PDR repair.

Q: Will there be different colours on my vehicle when I get it back?
A: No there will be no colour change as there is no paintwork conducted within the PDR Process.

Q: Can the dent still be repaired if the paint is damaged?
A: This all depends on what the paint damage is and the outcome desired. If the paint is cracked PDR will repair the dent but the paint will still need to be fixed. If the dent is covered with large scrapes then PDR will NOT be successful.

Q: Will my car rust out?
A: No. There is no effect on high moisture areas of the vehicle. DentLink Network and its contractors use rust prevention products where the under surface paint is affected

Q: How big a dent can be fixed?
A: The repairable size of a dent will vary depending on the depth of the dent, the type of impact that caused the dent and the location of the dent on the vehicle.

Q: What is the cost of PDR?
A: Costs of PDR repairs vary greatly from under a couple of hundred dollars for a single dent repair, through to over a few thousand dollars for a full hail damaged vehicle repair. Pricing structures are based on a per panel, dent volume and size matrix. PDR is still a fraction of the cost of a conventional repair.

Q: How long does it take?
A: A single dent repair can take on average thirty to sixty minutes. A full hail damaged vehicle will take on average three to seven days.

Q: Does PDR use dry ice and heat?
A: No. We may use a little warmth from a hot air blower but this is only to reduce possible paint damage during the repair process. PDR does not use heating or cooling of the panel in any of the dent removal process.

Q: Do the dents just POP out?
A: NO. The damage is massaged out with multiple pushes. Just as the original metal was bent into the dent, PDR process essentially bends it back into shape.

Q: Will the dents re-appear later on?
A: No. Just as the metal on your car stays in the shape is was pressed into, the dent that has been removed will stay repaired.